The Juicing Industry

The Juicing Industry – Unique “Mom & Pop” Juice Bars

The United States has seen an upward trend in healthier food options in public food and drink establishments.

Health gurus and entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity to take their vision for healthier eating to new levels in opening businesses.

The juicing industry has skyrocketed since 2014 with organic and raw, clean juice. 80% of the juice bars located throughout the U.S. are franchise related and with that comes a generic menu that quickly finds its way to other franchises.

We want to focus on the uniqueness of an independent “mom & pop” juice bar business and their philosophy and vision. It takes determination to be able to compete with the larger franchises while remaining unique and individual.

What Prompts One To Open A Juice Bar

There is a primary force that drives one to open a juice bar. HEALTH!

Clean, fresh, and organic juice not only enhances our health but detoxifies. There are thousands of juice and smoothie bars that promote “juice drinks;” however, these drinks are chock full of sugar and are usually passed off as juice when they are in fact smoothies.

mango fruit smoothie

The smaller, independent juice bars are more focused on their product and customer service than on the monetary gain.

When visiting a “Mom & Pop” juice bar, you can be confident that you will most likely get good, clean juice.

The “Mom & Pop” Philosophy

Owners of these small little juice bars have their own personal reason and story for opening their juice bar.

It is their story that provides the foundation for their vision and philosophy behind their business.

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You won’t find this in the larger franchise juice bars as they are generally void of personality and an individualistic approach to their business.

Leaving Aeronautics to Pursue Juicing

One such juice bar owner located on the Eastern side of the United States opened her juice bar for personal reasons.

She lost her mother to the ravages of cancer and saw the need to use juicing to reduce the risk of cancer in her own life. 

She infused an all natural diet into her life and heavily depended upon juicing. Her health improved drastically to the point that she made the decision to leave her career in Aeronautical Engineering to open her own juice bar.

Her mission was to help others to use juicing as part of a holistic lifestyle. She now successfully runs a juice bar that serves raw, organic, fresh juice. Juice cleansing 101 is part of her business as well. 

Their Customers Are Family

A very beautiful and strong woman runs a small juice bar in one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas.

She started out working in a beauty center which then led her further to working in a spa.

Her philosophy is that everyone is beautiful on the outside and she wants to help them become vibrant on the inside with juicing. 

She took her passion for juicing and opened a juice bar that specializes in cleansing for weight loss, and beauty.

Her juices are produced from local fruits and vegetables and the methods used to extract juice is true to juicing.

Her juices are free from additives, preservatives, and are packed with vitamins and essential minerals. Her juicing bar took a further step in delivering juices locally.

This woman welcomes every customer like family and is very community-oriented. At times she laughingly tells her customers, “Turn down that shot of whiskey, and get a shot of wheatgrass!”

A Rapper and A Juicer!

A hip-hop rapper turned health guru has made a unique impact on the black community in the Bronx with his juice bar.

The culture of this juice bar is not your typical subdued juice hangout, but a place that exudes vibrancy and energy.

He started his juice bar for a place to commune with the neighbors while providing healthy drinks.

His healthy lifestyle is reflective in every juice he makes and serves. It’s not uncommon to find him engaged with customers about how being health-conscious has benefited his own personal life. 

The Culture of Juicing

Coffee houses are great hangouts with a relaxed ambiance, but watch out because juice bars are now moving up side-by-side with the java locales.

It is no longer uncommon to find those of all ages connecting and hanging out at juice bars. Live music, games, and great conversation form a sense of community around juicing.

The hipster health nut in all of us crave a healthier lifestyle, so why not juice?

Moving On to More…

Juicing is a super vehicle to have your veggies and fruits all in one power-packed drink!

Join us as we continue on with our series on “Juicing” as we unpack and break down everything there is to know about it.

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